Internet Marketing Services

Our team, at The 4 Media located in the Biloxi and Gulfport, MS area is capable of providing many services to both large and small businesses. Whether you need to drive targeted traffic to your online store or you want to create a flow of visitors for your service oriented business, our SEO and Web Design team can help. Here's a list of some of the key digital marketing services and how they can also help you grow your business.


SEO for Small Business

With a specialty in local SEO services, we can help your business create traffic from a higher listing on major search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. The traffic you receive will be targeted through using specific keyword phrases related to your location and your specific type of business. Our Gulfport and Biloxi MS SEO services can help your website climb up the rankings and settle into a favorable position for maximum traffic.

Website Design

It won't help to send traffic to a website not properly set up to convert that traffic into customers or leads. With our professional Gulfport website design team, this isn't an issue. We provide design packages starting at $599 and our team will create a website perfect for your business needs. Whether you just need a few pages or you require an extensive website, we can handle the job.

YouTube Advertising

One of the most powerful ways to get your message out to your target market is through video advertising. We not only help you with the creation of your videos, but we also set up a fully targeted advertising campaign to make sure you get the most out of every advertising dollar. YouTube has made it easier for small businesses to use their advertising system and we are ready to help you take advantage of this opportunity.

Pay Per Click Set up and Management

PPC advertising is one of the most complicated types of marketing online. It becomes even more difficult for small business owners because it's very time consuming to design, setup, and monitor campaigns. Without the right training or an expert helping you, it's likely you will waste most of your advertising budget quickly. We provide experts trained in several different forms of PPC advertising to help set up and fully manage your campaigns.

Banner Ad Design

Images are very powerful and when used properly, they can be the key to your entire internet marketing campaign. With the right banner ad design, your advertising will convert more impressions into clicks giving you larger traffic numbers. Our team will create a banner capable of evoking emotion and set up an advertising campaign to reach your target market.

Online Video Creation and Placement

Our team will not only help you get your video out to your market on YouTube, but we can also help put it in front of even more views through other channels. Our team at The 4 Media has several years of experience and will use some of the the most creative and powerful strategies available to ensure that you get your video in front of the right audience.

Adwords Consulting

Our staff Google Adwords experts capable of creating, implementing and managing a successful advertising campaign for you. Our team will design your ads in such a way that you will only receive the most targeted visitors to your website. Google Adwords is a very powerful way to advertise, but it's also very difficult for new marketers. Let one of our experts take care of everything for you.

Whether you only require a single marketing strategy or you need a combination of our services, we can customize a package specifically for your business. Our only goal is to help grow your company through online marketing and design. If you want to take your company to the next level, contact us today and we can show you how we can help.



Discover client objectives to get an understanding of their business model


Strategize with information gathered from the discovery phase


Implement a solid marketing plan tailored to the specific clients needs


Measure the results of the marketing plan, optimize, and repeat

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